Sika is first to combine performance and environmental mix design with instant verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)


LYNDHURST, NJ --Sika Corporation, the premier supplier of innovative high-performance concrete admixtures is proud to announce Sika® EPD NOW.  Sika admixtures already help customers design smarter, greener concrete mixes.  With Sika® EPD NOW, customers can instantly measure the environmental improvements of a new mix design and immediately generate a fully verified EPD in response to LEED v4.0 project requirements.


Unlike competitive offerings that take months to create a single EPD, Sika customers that utilize install Sika® EPD NOW can create an EPD for a new mix design in a minute or less. The system enables concrete producers to generate a fully verified mix specific EPD from a web browser, smartphone or from Command QC that can be immediately submitted with a project bid or submittal.


“Sika admixtures help our customers design better mixes and we now offer the industry’s first effective technology to instantly verify improved environmental performance. For example, Sika’s Rapid line of hardening accelerators allow customers to utilize a greater percentage of SCMs and improve speed of construction by increasing early age strength gain so that forms can be turned quicker and structure elements can support construction loads sooner.  Sika® EPD NOW will instantly verify the dramatically reduced carbon footprint of such mix designs” said Jeremy Chilton, PE, SE, Vice President of Marketing, Sika Corporation.


“Sika Corporation is first in the industry to recognize the need for science based tools that can instantly measure environmental performance thus making environmental impact another design element like slump or compressive strength.   Sika® EPD NOW positions Sika and its customers to lead the fast growing green construction market.” Said Chris Erickson, CEO of Climate Earth. “We are delighted to partner with Sika®, clearly they are the innovation leader in the specialty chemical and industrial materials industry.”