MADISON HEIGHTS, MICH. – Sika Corporation, premiere supplier of innovative, adhesive and sealant solutions is proud to announce the launch of SikaForce®-7818 L7 MixCan for the Wind Repair Industry.

The new SikaForce®-7818 L7 MixCan kit has been developed specifically for on location wind blade repair applications.  The new convenient, easy to open, MixCan kit contains pre-measured amounts of both SikaForce®-7817 L7 (component A) and SikaForce®-7050 (component B), eliminating the guesswork when measuring 2-component adhesives.  The product is simple to use; the larger component A container has additional space to allow for the contents of the hardener (component B) to be added, avoiding the need for a separate mixing container.  Simply add the two components and mix in the can.  The pre-measured amounts of both components give the user accurate mix ratio control, for proper product performance.

SikaForce®-7818 L7 2-component structural adhesive is used for finishing and deeper surface repairs on wind blades.  SikaForce®-7818 L7 has excellent sanding and finishing characteristics, and is used by major global Wind Turbine OEM’s.

For more information contact Sika directly at (248) 577-0020