Sika aims to support volunteer work and charitble endeavors across the United States. Our employees look forward to their yearly Give Back Day.

Sika works together with home depot to rebuild lives

Members of the Sika team along with other supplier and Home Depot volunteers gathered for a community building event in support of our veterans. The Home Depot Foundation is dedicated to serving homeless, senior and combat-wounded veterans as well as those affected by natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey and Maria, the wildfires in California and the recent earthquake in Mexico. 

With the support of suppliers, donors, and volunteers, the foundation is able to help people rebuild their lives quickly and more efficiently. The Building Materials departments hosted this year's event in Coronado, CA. Sika lended a hand when many Sika Employees stepped in to help work together with the organization. 

The project included landscaping, painting railings, and building playhouses in a new housing complex of several veteran families. The volunteers were separated into various groups responsible for different aspects of the project and were led by members of the construction company. Everyone worked side by side for a wonderful cause and the afternoon was a great success!

Sika Community Service with Home Depot

SikaAxson Gives back to the community

SikaAxson employees participated in a community service event in May 2018 by giving back to the community at the Howell Nature Center in Howell, Michigan. The Howell Nature Center has many different facets to it, some which include:

  • Small Wildlife Park
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Environmental Education and School Programs
  • Day Camps or Summer Camps for Kids

SikaAxson employees grabbed their garden and work gloves and spent the day working on flowerbeds, planting flowers, building flower boxes, cleaning up the play park for the kids, cleaning out and sprucing up the animal enclosures that are used for the rescued or injured animals. 

It was a joy and a highlight for SikaAxson employees to know they were helping out an organization that also gives back to the community by rescuing and rehabbing wildlife, and providing day and overnight summer camps for kids. 

Sika Community Service - Sika Axson
Sika Community Service - Sika Axson

ninth straight community service day

Nine years ago Sika Roofing began a great tradition of giving back at the International Roofing Exposition (IRE). Since that time Sika has acted as the main sponsor of the Community Service Day that takes place each year during the show. The first year of this meaningful sponsorship for Sika was in New Orleans in 2010 giving back to those still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina years later. This year, the show was back in New Orleans again and Sika was proud to give back once again to this vibrant community. Each year the IRE has been partnering with the non-profit organization. Rebuilding Together, to identify people in need in the local community where the show is taking place and project manage the renovations needed.

The Community Service Day brings together people from across the roofing industry to donate a day of their time to do a variety of improvement work on the homes of members of the local community in need. This year's event brought together over 60 volunteers made up of attendees and exhibitors at this year's expo to work on three different local residences. Some of the work at the different homes included painting the homes, building a fence, rebuilding rand rails and much more. In addition, Rebuilding Together was conducting some bigger renovation work like replacing roofs and mold remediation. Sika's donation helped fund a lot of the work and supplies needed to help make these projects possible. 

IRE Community Service Day
IRE Community Service Day

Sika's volunteers included a variety of members of their management group attending the show. The group of volunteers focused on a project to rebuild hand rails at the entrance of a local property. The location had two staircases leading up to the front entrance of the property. In both cases the rails had become loose and unsafe for usage The Sika team demoed the existing hand rails and then built from scratch new ones for both sets of stair cases.

At the end of the day, all the different volunteers were proud of the work accomplished at this year's event. Mainly though, it was the time spent with the homeowners receiving help that made it all worth-while in the end. Seeing the excitement and joy in the eyes of the homeowners as they receive this help from the roofing community makes the Community Service Day one of the most rewarding of the year.

Rebuilding Together At Adam Rogers Park:

Volunteers from Sika Corporation, Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and the local AEC community joined forces with Rebuilding Together San Francisco to take part in "Give Back Day." The goal was to help provide some much needed maintenance and refurbishment to the popular community garden at Adam Rogers Park in San Francisco's Hunter's Point neighborhood.