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Sika is hosting continuing education events in person and online regularly, about once per quarter. Register today to stay up to date on the next event where you can earn AIA, CEU, HSW or RCI credits!

Webinar Topics


Building Envelope Webinars

Advantages of Continuous Insulation in Steel Stud Construction

Watching this webinar to get a better understanding of current energy and environmental issues that can impact decisions related to building envelope design.

Structural Glazing Design Considerations

Discover applications of innovative materials to meet the design and efficiency requirements specified by the architectural community. Typical project processes in the design, testing, validation, and production of a curtain wall.

Sealing Joints in the Building Envelope

At the end of this webinar you will understand how trouble-free, watertight, energy efficient, fire-rated expansion joints are possible. This course also covers your  role in a process in which we work together to design, detail, specify, bid, manufacture & install expansion joins in 3-D.  

Flooring Webinars


Resinous floor and wall systems are being adopted by designers of healthcare facilities faster than any other surfaces because of their innate hygiene, long life cycle, easy maintenance and fast installation process. Watch this educational health, safety and wellness webinar.

Roofing Webinars


The roofing industry has seen an increase in the number of issues with moisture and concrete roof decks, both new projects and existing. Concrete roof decks has been used for many years, so what has changed over the past few years?

Wind Warranty vs. Wind Uplift

This webinar will take a look at these differences between wind speeds and wind pressure and suggest ways in which specifications can be written to meet the local code requirement. The building code does not require that a warranty is issued! To learn more about which type of warranty is best suited for your building requirements, watch this webinar recording.

Solar Roof Systems: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This webinar will identify the potential issues with a rooftop solar installation, what questions you should be asking and how to avoid serious, costly problems. Installing a solar roof system on your building should be a decision that rewards you with energy savings as well as piece of mind knowing you are doing your part to help the environment. To learn more about the benefits of installing a solar roof, watch this webinar.  

Green Roofs-Lessons Learned Webinar

Green Roofs- Lessons Learned focuses on common design and construction errors found in green roof project delivery and offers solutions to prevent such errors from occurring in the future. You will learn the benefits of installing a green roof and why waterproofing is the most important part of a green roof system.

Waterproofing Webinars

Principles of Below Grade Structural Waterproofing

Examining the difference between below grade waterproofing and the rest of the building envelope and the unique risk factors. As well as, learn about how various construction practices affect waterproofing options. 

Stay Tuned with Sika's Continued Education Events

Sika is regularly hosting continuing education events in person and online. Register today to stay up to date on the next available event where you can earn AIA, CEU, HSW or RCI credits!