The Advantages of Continuous Insulation in Steel Stud Construction

Course Description / Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Building Sustainability and Longevity   
  • Learn About the Science Behind Thermal, Air and Moisture Control for Steel Stud Construction   
  • Interpret the Code Requirements for Building Envelope Design and Performance   
  • Discover How POLYISO Meets Requirements and Outperforms Traditional Methods for Optimum Control   
  • Examine How Professionals are Looking to a Better Future

About The Presenter:

Matt Stevens - Rmax

Matt received his Master's Degree in Architecture from Texas Tech University and has over 15 years in the building and construction industry. His experience includes architectural design, construction, consulting, training and development roles. As the Commercial Envelope Specialist at Rmax, he works directly with architects, owners, contactors and distributors to select the optimal insulation to meet the applicable building codes.