Sika Corporation; plant Lyndhurst, US


Lyndhurst Factory and Warehouse Relamping

Project goal

Relamping the factory and warehouse to reduce energy consumption and realize cost savings


  • Sika worked with an outside company who prepared the proposal and did the work. The outside company reviewed all of the currently installed light fixtures in the Lyndhurst plant. The Lyndhurst plant had old Mercury Vapor lamps and Metal Halide lamps. Replacing and retrofitting these fixtures was an option to improve the energy efficiency. The target was to maintain the lighting levels as prior to the upgrade.
  • Installation of energy efficient interior and exterior lighting measures (346 interior fixtures were retrofitted, 539 interior light fixtures were replaced, 45 exit signs were replaced and 10 exterior light fixtures were retrofitted)
  • The project was eligible for a New Jersey State incentive to encourage companies to install more efficient lighting. 1/3 of the costs were covered by this incentive.
  • Employees of the plant were notified of the changes to the lighting as a matter of course but nothing special was done to highlight this activity.


Significant savings could be realized compared to the previous year:

  • Estimated electricity savings: 979’000 kWh / year
  • Estimated costs savings:$ 152’000 / year
  • Payback time: < 1 year
  • Avoided annual CO2 emissions of 612 tons (conversion rate for kWh to CO2 for NJ mix)