Replacement of aluminum cartridges with unipacks for Automotive Aftermarket customer Safelite (Belron) to reduce packaging waste.


Unipacks for warm applied high viscous adhesives for car windshields.


Sika Corporation US, plant Lyndhurst, US


  • Seven field trials across the U.S. to gather installation usage data and Safelite technician acceptance of hot applied unipack material
  • Designed equipment to modify customer’s mobile ovens (which are heated through the vehicle’s coolant system) to accept the longer unipacks
  • Developed comprehensive instructional videos and written processes to educate technicians on the proper methods for modifying guns and ovens
  • Optimized design of SikaTack ASAP+ unipack size to 465 ml to accommodate 97% of all automotive glass replacement jobs
  • Sika TM’s dispersed during Safelite rollout to assist technicians transition to unipack material
  • Installation of a new unipack packaging line at Lyndhurst plant to accommodate the increased volume of unipacks


  • Significant improvements could be realized to help Safelite achieve their sustainability targets
  • The idealized unipack size approach will reduce the annual packaging waste by 164 tons, helping to fulfill Safelite’s green initiatives
  • A pallet of unipacks fills a garbage bag while a pallet of cartridges fills a dumpster
  • Full conversion of the service fleet (4000 vans) and application equipment to unipacks
  • In addition to the packaging savings above by use of an idealized unipack, Safelite will realize more than 170 tons of polyurethane waste savings