Sika has the expertise and experience to innovatively support design ideas and the fulfillment of different requirements in power plants and related construction. Sika is a one-stop shop for all kinds of integrated construction solutions and services from the basement to the roof, which ensures compatibility and avoids unnecessary problems.

EnergySmart Roof
Sikagard® Epoxy Coatings (Mechanical Rooms)
Solar & Wind Manufacturing, Installation & Repair
  • Industry leading 1C/2C silicone assembly products for concentrating and photovoltaic systems
  • SikaForce® 2C PUR and SikaDur® 2C epoxies provides for manufacture and repair/service of wind blades
  • High performing products for manufacturing and construction of wind turbines
  • Full range of products for renewable energy utility scale projects
Waterproofing and Watertight Joints