Everything works better when it all works together

A building needs a high-performance “envelope” that provides unyielding protection from the elements. Every portion of your building’s outer structure, from roof and exterior walls to basement, can be vulnerable to water intrusion and weathering causing wet insulation, air leakage and premature deterioration of construction materials.

Sika solutions – from flooring to roofing and everywhere in between – are engineered to ensure they’re compatible with their environment, your vision and each other.

From the Floor to the roof, see how Sika can improve your building experience.

Download your free Construction Solutions Guide to learn how choosing compatible products and technologies can:

  • Ensure complete system compatibility
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Lower total energy costs
  • Maintain better indoor air quality
  • Even extend the lifespan of the building itself
  • And much, much more

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