Facades & Insulating Glass

To strike the ideal balance between aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency, architects are increasingly turning to glass curtain wall construction. Glass can be well combined with other materials such as natural stone, metals or plastic coated metals, giving planners a wide scope for creativity. But facades must also provide long-term durable systems. This requires perfect adhesion between the components and highly elastic, weatherproofing solutions. These specifications call for high-tech products, which are tailored to meet highly specific demands and guarantee peak performance in every respect. Sika supplies a wide range of tried-and-tested, innovative facade products for every demand.

Systems: Façade

Structural Glass Bonding

Sika’s structural glazing adhesive sealants Sikasil SG have shown their excellent resistance UV and weatherability in major projects around the globe. In façade constructions many different materials come into contact with each other, Sika provides a complete support package to ensure compatibility of all products for façade manufacturers. Also browse under Insulating Glazing.

Insulating Glass Sealant

The facades are mainly responsible for the energy balance of a building. The excellent thermal insulating properties of bonded double- or triple-glazed units with coated glass - sealed by dual-seal technology - can save much of the energy otherwise used for heating or cooling systems.

The secondary seal holds the glass panes tightly together and prevent excessive movement in the IG edge seal. High-modulus adhesives are necessary for a long service life of the IG units. Only silicones are approved as a secondary seal in structurally glazed facades. For windows and capped curtain wall facades PU are a good value-for-money alternative but it should be ensured that there are no specific requirements for the project such as high temperature spandrel panels, where temperatures can reach 100 ºC.

The primary butyl seal is the main barrier against ingress of water and air humidity and loss of inert gases, e.g. Argon. Therefore a durable premium-quality butyl is a must in both air- and argon-filled IG units. For gas filled units high performance.

Weather Sealing

As with Structural glazing systems many sealants and adhesives which come into contact with each other and many other materials will require high-quality products, which are compatible with all substrates and ancillary products. Therefore Sika supplies suitable professional sealants for all kinds of sealing applications, including non-staining sealant for natural stone facades.

Fire-Rated Sealing

Many casualties have been reported in serious fire situations, not only because of fire but also smoke inhalation. The integrity of the joints is vital and provides the fire services with time to rescue people. Sika offers 4 hours fire-rated sealants both for vertical joints in facades and for horizontal floor joints between the facade and the floor slabs.

Glass-to-Glass Construction

For glass-to-glass applications (fin glazing, total vision glazing) Sika offers various Sikasil silicone sealants, from low modulus sealant to high modulus adhesive. 

Glass Wall Grouting

Depending on the climatic conditions Sika EPDM membranes and/or both wet sealants (Sikaflex PU or Sikasil silicone) can be used for movement/connection joints and perimeter sealing around curtain wall facades and window frames. The SikaMembran System consists of various types of membranes with optimized levels of vapor diffusion for the use in all climatic conditions.