Sika takes pride in delivering products and solutions that will last decades under harsh environmental conditions and in our 30 years of successful experience in the facade and 15 years in the renewable energy industries. The range of solar applications may be extremely varied, but systems share the same need for outstanding performance. Solar systems have to consistently deliver the required output to give returns on long-term investments, even though facing tough conditions over long periods. The solar industry is pressed by the demand to provide product durability and at the same time keep costs competitive.To help you meet these challenges, Sika offers state-of-the-art solutions developed over our long term experience in automating adhesive application for the automotive and allied industries. Our adhesive systems for the solar industry have been optimized to provide improved performance, curing speeds and increased process capabilities. These factors, together with a comprehensive and worldwide project support, make Sika an ideal partner to manufacturers of Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal and Concentrating Solar Power systems.