In the Solar Thermal industry many collector producers have grown rapidly and are merging from a manual piece-by-piece production to a fully automated in-line production process. To simplify this step as well as for material savings and durability increase, bonding is the best suitable option. Next to the process ability the adhesives also have to withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

Collector bonding and sealing

The bonding technology is ideal for the automated production of flat collectors and translates to enhanced product quality and cost savings during the design and production phase. The simplified methods mean that the cover glass can be bonded directly to the frame or tray of the collector, thus avoiding the need for additional profiles, frames and dry gaskets. The process can also be entirely automated so that, together with the lower component count, substantial cost savings can be realized. The approved and tested products ensure that vital joints are extremely durable and watertight, which is not always the case when using the conventional dry gasket method. With the elimination of the top frame, the solar panels not only look sleeker and more stylish, but they no longer have raised edges that trap dirt and water, and snow may easily slide off. The backs of the solar panels can also be bonded in the same way thereby doubling the benefits and ensuring an overall weather-tight.

Best recommended products:

- Sikasil AS-785

- Sikasil AS-790

- Sikaflex 252

- Sikaflex 552