Load Transfer Doweling Systems

Double Tapered Basket

Sika Double Tapered Basket® is a patented plate dowel basket designed to accommodate axial and lateral slab movements more rapidly than other tapered plate basket systems. The double tapered design provides consistent and increased bearing across every plate dowel that saw cut joints. It is a method in accordance with ACI 360 Design of Slabs-on-Ground.

Speed Plate

Speed Plates® are a plate dowel system and economical method for achieving positive load transfer and dowel alignment in construction joints. 

Speed Dowel

Speed Dowel® is the pioneering slip dowel installation system that ensures proper dowel alignment for positive load transfer in slab-on-ground concrete joints.  Speed Dowel® has revolutionized how the concrete industry designs and constructs joints for superior performance, while slashing the time and cost required for conventional slip dowel installations. 

Speed Load

Speed Load® is a single load component dowel sleeve for use in expansion joints. Speed Load® passes through pre-drilled expansion boards and has a self-locking design to securely position and align round dowels for positive load transfer.