The utilization of plasticizers for dry cast production has a number of benefits. SikaMix Plasticizers and Sika Water Reducers (including SikaPlast, Sikament & ViscoCrete) can provide the following benefits to dry cast producers:

  • Homogeneous filling of molds, even into narrow shapes
  • Cement dispersion and efficiency allowing possible reduction
  • Improved compactibility of dry cast concrete products
  • Dispersion of pigment for improved color vibrancy
  • Early strengths for reducing time to secondary processing
  • Improved average ultimate strengths and their overall variation
  • Uniform surface texture and product shape
  • Decreased necessity for repairs, patching and cull rate

Here the impact of the plasticizer can be seen through enhanced concrete density.

SikaMix PL Series
SikaMix PL Series

SikaMix PL products are based on traditional surfactants and are powered by ViscoCrete polycarboxylate technology. This unique combination of materials greatly improves cement dispersion, material flow, compaction and appearance.

Water Reducers for DryCast
Water Reducers for DryCast

The use of water reducing technology traditionally utilized in wet cast concrete also provides many benefits for dry cast. These products do not work to reduce water but rather to improve cement dispersion and material flow. Specific ViscoCrete products may also be utilized to improve higher early strengths.