Ensuring that concrete arrives on the project at the proper slump is the best way to minimize issues and save time. The use of ViscoFlow products can allow producers to batch the concrete at the slump desired and maintain it all the way to the jobsite. ViscoFlow products are based on Sika’s innovative polycarboxylate polymer technology.


  • Provides slump retention without retardation, even with increased dosage.
  • No time wasted adjusting the mix on site.
  • Less likely to add water on site and compromise strength.
  • Fewer rejections and improved concrete consistency.
  • May be used for low slump concrete all the way to self consolidating concrete.
  • Better optimize concrete mix design to result in savings.
  • Ability to adjust the slump retention according to transportation time and temperature.
Slump Retaining Admixtures
Slump Retaining Admixtures

With ViscoFlow Slump Retaining admixtures there is no need to batch concrete at a high slump, expecting it will loose some on the way to the project.