The Sika Contribution to Sustainable Construction

The LCA of Concrete Admixtures follows a "Cradle to Gate with option" approach, and its aim is to analyze the production of Concrete Admixtures and their application in concrete. The LCA model was reviewed by the leading independent research institute Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA).

Concrete Sustainability

A primary building block of construction is also a primary source of sustainability.

In general, the utilization of concrete as a building material is a wise choice

in efforts to make long lasting, durable, sustainable structures. With our cement grinding aids, concrete admixtures, and mix design tools Sika can help concrete manufacturers, building owners and designers make their

concrete structures longer lasting and more environmentally friendly.

Making concrete an even more sustainable product comes down to choosing the best and most ecological materials as well as finding better, more efficient methods for manufacturing and placement. Sika products and services can help achieve this and reduce your IMPACT.

Good Material Choices & Mix Design

Experts in Local Materials

With some of the most experienced sales professionals in the industry, our technical team has the ability to help concrete producers best utilize locally available materials and design concrete mixes that meet durability requirements.

Sika LCA Tool

Sika’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool can help concrete producers and consumers understand the impact of a concrete mix design on the environment. The LCA tool allows concrete producers to directly compare mixes and provide key environmental indicators to the concrete consumer.

Design for Durability

Concrete that lasts is concrete that is sustainable. Our SikaGrind products for cement grinding can improve both early and late age concrete strengths while our admixtures can directly help improve the long term durability of concrete.

Efficiency in Manufacture and Placement

Optimize the Mix

Our ViscoCrete water reducers have the ability to help concrete producers optimize concrete mix designs by reducing cement contents and utilizing higher volumes of SCM’s. In addition, enhanced strength from our SikaGrind products for cement means less cement is necessary for concrete. Our concrete professionals also have access to specialized mix design software that indicates the most efficient materials and weights for best possible particle packing.

Reduce Energy for Grinding & Curing

With SikaGrind cement producers have the ability to enhance production rates, this means making more product with less energy. For precasters & contractors we can help reduce the energy used for curing through the use of Sika Accelerators.

Mix Consistency & Predictable Performance

Rejected concrete due to inconsistency or non-conformance is a big issue; it not only hurts a producers bottom line but the environment. Sika ViscoFlow products provide controlled workability retention, which minimize air fluctuations and prevent jobsite water addition. In addition, our Sika AE products provide some of the most consistent, stable, high quality plastic and hardened air contents. This means fewer rejections and higher durability.