Sikalastic 710/715/736 AL Lo-VOC System

Sikalastic® Primer

Sikalastic® Primer  is cold applied, single component, low-odor moisture-curing polyurethane resin. It is designed for sealing cementious substrate to reduce the incidence of pinholing.


- Significantly reduces the likelihood of blistering and pin holing.
- Fast curing formulation.
- Single component
- Compatible with most concrete, masonry, and stone substrate materials.
- Low odor
- Lo-VOC

Sikalastic®-710 Base Lo-VOC

 Single component, elastomeric, crack-bridging, low-VOC waterproofing base coat

Sikalastic®-715 Top Lo-VOC

Single component, elastomeric, low-VOC, traffic bearing wear and top coat.

Sikalastic®-736 AL Lo-VOC

A two component, elastomeric, crack-bridging polyurethane-based waterproofing pedestrian traffic system with integral wear course of DecoQuartz aggregate color blend or DecoFlake color blend. System includes:

• Sikalastic 720 aromatic polyurethane waterproofing membrane
• Sikalastic 736 AL Lo-VOC UV-stable aliphatic polyurethane wear course
• Sikalastic 748 PA UV-stable polyaspartic seal coat