Sikalastic 735 Lo-VOC/748 PA

Sikalastic 735 AL/736 AL Lo-VOC/748 PA

Sikalastic® 748 PA is a two component, aliphatic, chemically cured, low VOC, polyaspartic coating intended for use as the clear traffic bearing top coat over decorative aggregate or vinyl flake surfacing as part of pedestrian and vehicular traffic bearing applications. Sikalastic® 748 PA can also be used as a pigmented traffic bearing top coat over a fully broadcasted kiln-dried quartz aggregate surfacing.

■ Multi-story parking garages
■ Parking decks and ramps
■ Foot bridges and walkways
■ Mechanical rooms
■ Stadiums and arenas
■ Plaza and rooftop decks
■ Balconies

Sikalastic 745 AL/748 PA