Sikalastic®-500 is a versatile, low VOC, ultra high solids, single-component, liquid applied silicone roof coating. It provides superior UV resistance over a variety of roof substrates. The main features of Sikalastic®-500 are its high solids content, rapid cure and superior physical properties. Certified to meet CoolRoofRatingCouncil (CRRC) and EPA guidelines for ENERGY STAR® compliance.

Sikalastic®-500 Flash

Sikalastic®-500 Flash is an enhanced high solids silicone formula that can be used in conjunction with a variety of liquid coatings and a variety of roof membranes. It is designed to create a watertight liquid flashing for intricate roofing areas and details. With its low VOC’s, the single-component, moisture-cure liquid flashing is environmentally friendly. This high performing high solids silicone is durable, reflective and UV resistant and has excellent vertical hang and performs well under ponding water.