Sealant Primers

Sikaflex® Primer-260

Sikaflex Primer 260 promotes adhesion of urethane sealants to various metallic, non-metallic, and plastic substrates.

Sikaflex® Primer-429

Sikaflex® Primer-429 is a primer promoting adhesion to clean sound and dry concrete / wood.

Sikaflex® Primer-449

Repair & Protection  Sikaflex® Primer 449 is used to promote adhesion to pvc, solvent-based enamel, PPG’s fluorocarbon Duranar-finish, and certain plastics such as ABS and Plexiglass.

Roofing  Sikaflex® Primer 449 is a specially formulated  solvent-based primer used to promote the adhesion of Sarnafil G459 Grid Strip flashing membrane to the grid adhesive. Sikaflex Primer 449 must be used on all G459 Grid Strip flashing installations. 

Flat Glass Sikaflex® Primer-449 is used to promote adhesion of Sikasil silicone sealants to PVC, enamel, and certain plastics.

Sikasil® Primer-2100

Sikasil® Primer-2100 is a primer that promotes adhesion to a variety of construction materials.