Sealant Primers

Sikaflex® Primer-260

Sikaflex® Primer-260 promotes adhesion of urethane sealants to various metallic, non-metallic, and plastic substrates.

Sikaflex® Primer-429

Sikaflex® Primer-429 promotes adhesion to clean, sound, and dry concrete, masonry, Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), and wood — including teak and mahogany.

Sikaflex® Primer-449

Sikaflex® Primer-449 is used to promote adhesion to pvc, solvent-based enamel, PPG’s fluorocarbon Duranar-finish, and certain plastics such as ABS and Plexiglass.

Sikasil® Primer-2100

Sikasil® Primer-2100 is a primer that promotes adhesion to a variety of construction materials.

Sika® Duoflex Primer-5050

Sika® Duoflex Primer-5050 is a two-component, low-viscosity, adhesion-promoting epoxy primer for Sika® Duoflex® polysulphide sealants.