During construction, how can you prevent newly place concrete, marble, hardwood or terrazzo flooring to from going from pristine to filthy? How do you help safeguard these beautiful floors from construction traffic and spills or dents and scars from dropped tools and building materials? These questions haunt contractors and building owners, especially since cleaning and repairing soiled, damaged decorative colored floors is expensive and cuts into profits. Sika has the solution with Sika EZCover.

EZCover Benefits

  • Helps protect large colored and gray slabs as well as marble, hardwood, & terrazzo flooring.
  • Simple installation: rolls out where needed.
  • High friction coefficient keeps blanket in place.
  • Lightweight, moveable & reusable with proper care.
  • Helps prevent surface scratches, contaminants and potential impact hazards.
  • Disposable, biodegradable and landfill friendly.


Sika EZcover™ Protective Covering is a natural colored cellulose product designed to help protect colored or gray slabs, or other flooring material during the construction process. The product is available in standard width 8’ rolls weighing approx. 100 lbs each with each roll covering approx. 400 square feet on application.

The Sika EZcover™ blanket helps protect against surface contamination, abrasions and other harmful occurrences that are possible on the job site. Aside from offering tough surface protection, EZcover™ is simple to install. The protective blanket is simply placed (or rolled out) to cover the desired area, and can be moved from one area to another with ease.

The Sika EZcover™ protective blanket features a soft bottom layer to help prevent surface scratches, while also allowing new slabs to continue to breathe and harden.
The harder top layer helps shield against contaminants and potential impact hazards.