Protective Coatings


An effective anti-carbonation coating can add corrosion protection equivalent to several inches of concrete cover.


“Paints” have been used for decades to decorate or more recently waterproof concrete. With today’s greater awareness on the part of the owner and consultants, technical performance requirements are
increasingly important and should be clearly understood at the specification stage. Resistance to water and water-borne chlorides are fundamental requirements.


Considerable work has been carried out on the significance of the resistance of a coating system to the diffusion of carbon dioxide gas and the effectiveness of the coating system therefore to halt further
carbonation. Test methods and standards have been established to measure the carbon dioxide diffusion coefficient (μCo2) of a material. This can help the specifier evaluate the effectiveness of an anti-carbonation coating. Since the performance of some coatings may decrease considerably over time, this test should also be conducted after several thousand hours of accelerated weathering.