Group: Corrosion Management

Galvanic Protection

Corrosion Management Strategies
There are three basic levels of active corrosion protection available. They are generally referred to as: Corrosion Prevention, Corrosion Control and Cathodic Protection. All are essentially the same in that a protective current is provided to prevent or reduce the corrosion activity of the reinforcing steel. Each level is suitable for a given range of applications. They differ in terms of the intensity of the protective current provided to the steel.

How Anodes Work
When two dissimilar metals are coupled together in an electrolyte, the metal with the higher potential for corrosion (more negative voltage) will corrode in preference to the more noble metal. In concrete repair applications, the zinc core of the galvanic anode will corrode and provide an electrical current to the reinforcing steel that mitigates corrosion activity.

Surface Applied Corrosion Inhibitor

A corrosion inhibitor designed to penetrate the surface and then diffuse in vapor or liquid form to the steel reinforcing bars embedded in the concrete. This type of inhibitor forms a protective layer on the steel surface which inhibits corrosion caused by the presence of chlorides as well as by carbonation of concrete.