Latex R, Additives and Accessories

SikaQuick® Winter Boost

SikaQuick® Winter Boost is a pre-packaged additive for SikaQuick®-2500 and SikaQuick® VOH, formulated to increase the early strength development of SikaQuick® mortars without affecting the initial workability.

Sika® Rugasol® S

Sika® Rugasol® S is a spray applied, water soluble liquid, formulated to retard the set of surface mortar in concrete to enable the aggregate to be exposed. Sika® Rugasol® S is green in color to allow easy identification of areas where it has been applied and ensure a uniform coating is obtained.

Sika® Film

SikaFilm retards moisture evaporation from the concrete surface and acts as a finishing aid for concrete flatwork.


SikaLatex® is an acrylic-polymer latex that is used as admixture for cementitious bonding bridges and high quality site-mix mortars.

SikaLatex® R

SikaLatex® R is an acrylic-polymer latex. It is not re-emulsifiable. It is a general purpose admixture which will produce polymer-modified concrete and mortar. Sika Latex R is also a bonding grout when mixed with sand and portland cement.