Wall Coatings

Sikagard® 215 W Decoglas Reinforced Resin

Sikagard 215 RF System: Sikagard 215 is a Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Coating formulated with temperature resistant reinforced fibers. Sikagard 215 RF System consists of two coats of Sikagard 215 Resin and Sikafloor 216 Hardener. It can be top coated with a variety of available Sikagard topcoats. Typical thickness for Sikagard 215 RF is 20 mils DFT.

Sikagard® 203 W Steridex

Sikagard 203 W is a tough and highly durable single component waterborne acrylic, polymer intermediate and topcoat containing an organic in film preservative. Sikagard 203 W has a vapor permeable structure which allows damp substrates to dry out without causing blistering or loss of adhesion. Sikagard 203 W is available in white and 30 other standard colors.

Sikagard®-307 W Sterisept

Sikagard 307 W is a single component waterborne polyurethane based coating, designed with specific hygiene functionality. The in film preservation is designed to remain permanently locked in and active ensuring no growth of surface micro-organisms on the Sikagard 307 W. Sikagard 307 W is available in white. Custom colors required 10 to 15 business days lead time.

Sika® Bonding Primer

Sika® Bonding Primer is a rapid curing, water based primer consisting of two components: a prereacted epoxy resin dispersed in water (Part A), and a waterborne modified polyamine solution (Part B). In its wet mixed state, it is milky green and slightly viscous.