Polyaspartic/ Urethane UV Resistant Coatings

Sikafloor® 315-Alipthatic Urethane

Sikafloor 315 is a high solids, low VOC abrasion resistant, aliphatic polyurethane coating. It can be applied as a three part clear, or four part pigmented coating. Wear additive is included for increased abrasion resistance.

Sikafloor® 340 Aliphatic Chemical Resistant Urethane

Sikafloor 340 is an aliphatic urethane with excellent chemical resistance and UV resistance.

Sikafloor® 304W Satin Clear Urethane

Sikafloor 304 W is a low VOC, clear, two part water-based polyurethane matte topcoat for use with flexible membrane systems.

Sikafloor® 422 Water-based Aliphatic Urethane

A water-based, high solids, two-component urethane with excellent abrasion and adhesion

Sikafloor® 510 Polyaspartic Resin Systems

Sikafloor 510 is a clear two-component, solvent-free, high solids, low-viscosity, high strength, polyaspartic resin system. Sikafloor 510 is designed to be installed as a clear topcoat over a quartz or flake broadcast system where a low VOC, quick cure, flexible, UV resistance finish coat is necessary. Sikafloor 510 is available in clear or with Sikafloor Urethane Color Additive to achieve a variety of colors.