Bio-Pharma Flooring Needs

  • Subject to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) inspection
  • Very aggressive sanitization
  • Documentation of procedures within the facility
  • Easy to clean yet safe for operators in the area
  • Ability to vary surface texture to the needs of the space
  • Ability to resist impact, abrasion, and thermal shock

data center floors in california
three different floors in different environments
Bio-Pharma Floors
Sika Pharmaceutical Floor and Wall Advantage:

Easy cleaning and maintenance - Dirt, grease and liquids cannot penetrate these non-porous and resin-rich flooring systems. Our systems never require stripping or waxing, cleaning and maintenance costs are drastically reduced.

Long lasting durability- Sika customizes solutions for the specific requirements of each application; including traffic conditions, mechanical wear, temperature exposure, chemical resistance and slip resistance.

Optimum Aesthetics- Sika offers a range of colors and textures in its flooring systems. Pigment, quartz and flake options provide varying degrees of thickness and surface textures.

The Ultimate Connection

Sika's water-based hygiene coatings are designed for application to the internal walls and ceilings of environments requiring a continuously sanitary condition. The coating systems are specially developed to be self-proactive against the growth of mold, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and other micro-organisms.

pharama floors and walls

Complete product line to meet

your stringent demands

Bio-Pharam seamless floors and walls

Ultimate Seamless Transition between

the top of the cove base and wall system

Seamless floor and walls

Superior impact, abrasion, chemical and

thermal shock resistance

Concrete floors in factory

Eliminate the need for maintenance of

caulking or sealants at this transition