Seamless coating systems combine performance, versatility

For high-demand commercial and industrial settings such as Manufacturing, Warehousing, Production Plant, Mechanical and other Commercial building types. Sikafloor Flooring Solutions are the optimum coating system designed for your conditions. Whether your surface must tolerate significant traffic, large equipment, abrasion, or harsh chemicals, Sika offers versatile systems that fit your environment.

Versatile Epoxy Flooring:

The Right Floor for Your Space

Flooring is an essential part of everyday life in many industrial and commercial
environments, therefore choosing the right one is vital in ensuring the business operates effectively. Sika flooring and coating have more than 50 years experiences. Explore our versatile industrial flooring products to find a solution that meets your needs or contact us for a FREE Consultation today.

Advanced Performance, Tailored To Your Needs

Industrial flooring sika morritex
Sikafloor® Morritex®

Whether it is foot or heavy traffic, large equipment, abrasion, or harsh chemicals, Sikafloor® Morritex® offers a systems to fit your needs. These systems are high customizable and come in variety of colors and textures. These easy to maintain surfaces are finished with a state-of-the-art sealers for increase wear and chemical resistance.

aircraft hanger flooring system
Aircraft Hangar System

Aircraft hangar epoxy floor coatings by Sikafloor are specifically designed for and typically installed in airplane hangars and aviation environments. Discover the versatile epoxy coating products designed for aircraft holdings.

concrete flooring
Heavy duty concrete surfacer

Heavy duty concrete surfacer system for high performance, VOC compliant flooring systems. These proprietary high solids systems deliver superior performance, whether you are overlaying new concrete or patching/ overlaying a severely eroded concrete floor - providing chemical, abrasion and impact resistance with compressive strengths two to three times greater than concrete.

heavy duty performance
Ultra Heavy Duty Performance Floors

For areas where both cleanliness and durability are crucial, Sikafloor® PurCem®  polyurethane concrete flooring systems deliver absolute realizability. These easy to maintain systems are highly durable and suited for heavy traffic and aggressive use.

sika floorjoint
Sika® FloorJoint S

Floor joints in heavily traveled areas equipped with tell profiles are subjected daily to high loads and traffic. If the profiles are not perfectly flat they can cause vibration, noise and damage to transport equipment. Sika FloorJoint S is a prefabricated, carbon fiber reinforced concrete profile that is well- suited to new construction or can easily be retrofitted for building renovation and maintenance projects.


industrial flooring with lined path way
industrial flooring
Sikafloor Benefits:
  • Durable and impermeable floor coatings
  • Seamless, easy to maintain
  • Textured and/or slip resistant finishes for wet areas
  • Chemical Resistant urethane topcoats
  • Aesthetic and unlimited color options