Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Sikafloor can help you repair cracks or imperfections on the surface, as well as completely refinish the concrete flooring area. Sikafloor offers a variety of resurfacing options for concrete floors in commercial and industrial environments so that your floor can look its best!

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Decorative Concrete Floor Options:

Achieve seamless artistic impact with Sikafloor's creative palettes of decorative quartz and flake blends. Check out the gallery for some examples. Fill out the form above to get started on your floor solution. Ask us about our design kit!

decorative seamless floor- metallic fx
Sikafloor Metallic FX

Creating eye-catching, architecturally impact full designs just became easier with Sikafloor Metallic FX, a high aesthetics, self-leveling flooring system destined to generate striking first impressions.

seamless decorative flooring system
Sikafloor DecoFlake

Sikafloor Decoflake is a versatile colored flake design; broadcast floor system consisting of high solids clear epoxy and multicolored chips producing a variety of patterns. Highly customizable system, with various finish coat options.

Decorative concrete Flooring
Sikafloor Quartzite

Sikafloor Quartzite systems blend ceramic coated quartz aggregate with clear polymer matrix. creating a wide range of finishes and textures for distinguished style and performance. Ideally suited to commercial, institutional and industrial uses, these versatile systems can be tailored to your environment.

Sikafloor Photo Gallery

Each commercial floor has specific requirements in terms of traffic and mechanical wear, chemical resistance, temperature, slip resistance, impact resistance, permeability to liquids, rapid curing, etc. It would be much easier for us to provide you helpful flooring advice by evaluating your conditions first.  In the meantime, check out our Sikafloor photo gallery:

About Sikafloor

Sika's global industrial flooring expertise is directly linked to our high-performance products and customer needs. We have developed systems taking into account design life, operational requirements, construction joints, floor to wall connections, surface design and installation details.

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