A Unique Approach to Electrostatic Control

In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. Protect your work environment against electrostatic discharge with Sikafloor ESD Control Flooring Systems.

ESD Control Flooring In Clean Environments

Many processes require the engineered control of electrostatic discharges (ESD) to prevent damage to electrically sensitive equipment and analytic processes, as well as to prevent fire or explosion when handling flammable liquids, powders, and gases.

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  • Analysis of general flooring conditions
  • Review of the types of uses (traffic, process environment, etc.) affecting flooring
  • Recommendations based on observed conditions and anticipated requirement

We can assist you in identifying the appropriate technical resource if a more in depth evaluation of your flooring is needed.

esd conductive flooring
Sikafloor ESD Advantage
  • Consistent electrical properties
  • No conditioning of electrical properties required
  • Easy to repair and maintain
  • Low odor/ low VOC systems
  • Proprietary non-fiber technologies developed by ESD flooring experts
  • Conforms to all current ESD standards


Facility needs and flooring conditions vary significantly. Sika's dedication to research and development in ESD control allows us to offer the most extensive ESD polymer product line on the market today, providing a vast range of ESD flooring possibilities to precisely match your specific facility needs. Contact us today to learn more about your flooring options.

Collage of ESD floors