The Healthcare Floor and Wall Challenge

Joints in floors, between and around floors, walls, columns and entrances are unavoidable if the floor finishes are produced with sheet products such as PVC or linoleum, because the sheets themselves and many different details require joints, and frequently complex joints. These joints are then the main points of weakness in the floor for damage or a build-up of bacteria.

Doctors in Hospital
The Sika Solution: Broad Array of Systems to meet exact needs

Sika is not a “One solution fits all” supplier. We will work with your design team to understand your facility needs by area and recommend the optimal floor and wall systems taking into consideration your budget, time allowance and esthetic requirements. With a wide range of base resin chemistries to choose from, you can be certain your system meets your immediate and long term needs.

Superior Seamless Performance

  • Hospital, Pharamaceutical, and Vivarium floor and wall systems often fail at the seams due to building movement, product shrinkage or induced stress from rolling loads. Sika floor and wall systems have no seams, so this common failure point is completely avoided.
  • Our Seamless systems won’t harbor harmful microorganisms, plus they are odor free during application and in service.
  • Sikafloor finishes have low certified emission to ensure clean indoor air and are extremely easy to clean and decontaminate.


SikaFloor Healthcare Solutions:

  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Vivarium and Reseach Laboratories
  • Hospital Backrooms, Restrooms and Showers
  • Operating and Medical Rooms
  • Helipad and Loading Docks
  • Hospital Patient Rooms, Corridors and Lobbies  


Sika Comfort Floor Healthcare