Leaders Championing the Environment

This summer, Sika's USA operations managers nominated 10 dedicated individuals to tackle the region's carbon footprint by identifying energy savings opportunities within all 32 factories. 

These Sustainability Champions were tasked with an ambitious goal of reducing each factory's scope 1 & 2 carbon dioxide emissions by 10% each year. To be successful, the Sustainability Champions must not only identify new ways of increasing efficiency and green energy but also ensure feasibility and implementation. 

Over the course of two months, the Sustainability Champions rose to the challenge, kicking off the initiative with 84 potential projects across 28 sites. These projects would lead to 80% of this year's target, and the champions are just getting started! 

Sustainability Champions:

  • Benjamin Helfand
  • Carmen Chumbiriza
  • Daniel Garreau
  • David Morse
  • Ivo Pinto
  • Jay Thottathil
  • Michael Maglio
  • Michelle Rogers
  • Morrisa Stevens
  • Tony Branco

Some common project topics include:

  • LED lighting upgrades


  • Waste heat recovery


  • Air compressor optimization


  • Conversion to electric forklifts


  • Solar panels


  • Equipment upgrades


  • Process improvements


  • And more...

Winners chosen!

While all Sustainability Champions continue to prove their devotion to sustainability and efficiency, three individuals were identified from the start for exceptional performance and contributions.

In turn, Sika rewarded Carmen, Dave, and Mike with $500 as thanks for their demonstrated drive, initiative, and commitment (on top of their full-time responsibilities) towards Sika's sustainability and low carbon goals.