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world leaders in resinous flooring

When it comes to flooring systems, we won't compromise. At Sika, we spend unlimited hours, months, even years on a floor system, not stopping until we know it's the best it can be. And apparently, our commitment has paid off - we're the largest manufacturer of high performance, resinous flooring products in the world. 



We thrive in demanding environments. From thousand-pound steel lifts to razor-sharp operating chisels, we can take on the harshest elements and still look beautiful while doing it. After all, high performance flooring is our specialty, and they don't call us the experts in polyurethane and epoxy chemistry for nothing. 

With a full range of floor and wall solutions, we're confident that we can find a system that's right for you. Our flooring systems have been developed for a wide range of markets including transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, commercial and administrative. And of course, each of these markets have specific requirements in terms of traffic, chemical resistance, temperature, waterproofing, etc. 

With dozens of systems in countless styles, textures and colors, if you can dream it, chances are we can create it. Just tell us what you're looking for and together, we'll find the perfect, high performance flooring system for your unique needs. 


As a global market leader in construction chemicals, when it came to creating functional, beautiful flooring, it was like a match made in heaven. Although like any great relationship, we're constantly working at it. Across the globe, our research and development specialists dig in day and night, experimenting, testing and trying things that have never been done before. 

Having the right chemistry is important but innovation also takes courage. Courage to question the past, to re-examine established practices and to crawl out on a limb with no one below to catch you. Over 800 employees work in product development, and our the past years, Sika has filed more than seventy new patent applications and launched a significant number of new products to satisfy our customers' needs and desires

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We're all ears

"Customer First" is our mantra from corporate to R&D to the technicians out in the field. Our flooring specialists are located in every region of the country to provide assistance before, during and after each floor installation ensuring that the entire process goes flawlessly.