seamless commercial floor coatings

Commercial Sikafloor Advantages:

  • Withstands thermal shock and heat resistant
  • Provides superior resistance to chemicals, impact and abrasion
  • Superior life cycle cost advantage
  • Formulated for installation ease, versatility and quick turnaround
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Customizable Seamless Epoxy Floor Coatings

FREE Commercial Floor Consultation that includes:

  • Analysis of general flooring conditions
  • Review of the types of uses (traffic, process environment, etc.) affecting flooring
  • Recommendations based on observed conditions and anticipated requirement

This evaluation is FREE and non-obligated. We can assist you in identifying the appropriate technical resource if a more in depth evaluation of your flooring is needed.

Each commercial floor has specific requirements in terms of traffic and mechanical wear, chemical resistance, temperature, slip resistance, impact resistance, permeability to liquids, rapid curing, etc. Our Flooring specialists can assist you in determining the right solution
for your needs.

three examples of decorative flooring