Morritex - Industrial & Hangar


For high-demand commercial and industrial settings, Sikafloor Morritex is the optimum coating system designed for your conditions. Whether it is foot or heavy traffic, large equipment, abrasion, or harsh chemicals, Sika offers versatile and customizable systems that fit your environment. 

Sikafloor® Morritex® Broadcast

Sikafloor Morritex Broadcast System is a solid color, textured, resin-rich, aggregate-filled,seamless, epoxy-based floor coating. The incorporation of durable, hard aggregate broadcast and sealed into the surface, economically increases coating thickness, extending life expectancy against aggressive wear.

Where to use:

  • Light duty manufacturing facilities
  • Animal laboratories & housing
  • Locker & shower rooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Interior slip resistant floors

Sikafloor® Morritex® Self-Leveling Slurry Broadcast

Solid color, textured, resin rich, aggregate extended, seamless epoxy based floor topping. The incorporation of durable, fine aggregate into the matrix during mixing significantly increases the liquid resin volume during application without sacrificing physical properties. This reduces the overall neat resin cost associated with thicker self-leveling coatings, maximizes resin economy allowing thicker applications that ultimately extend the coatings service life against aggressive wear.

Where to use:

  • Light to heavy duty manufacturing facilities
  • Animal laboratories & housing
  • Automotive maintenance facilities
  • Institutional and recreational facilities
  • Garbage rooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Packaging area
  • Photo processing & printing shops
  • Traffic aisles

Sikafloor® Morritex® Hangar

Sikafloor Morritex Hangar System is a monolithic solid color flooring system. The system offers chemical resistance. Specifically designed for, and typically installed in, airplane hangars and aviation environments. This system resists typical aviation fluids such as Jet-A & Skydrol

Where to use:

  • Aircraft maintenance facilities
  • Aircraft Hangars


Sikafloor Morritex System can be customized to meet aesthetic and slip resistance requirements