Healthcare Facilities

Sanitary, seamless floors for healthy environments

The expectations in your healthcare facility are set to a high standard. Whether it is in your hospital or pharmaceutical research center. You should be able to feel confident about your floors. Our seamless floors are easy to maintain and are extremely durable, enhancing your customer and patients experience during their time at your facility.

Hospital and operating rooms

Hospital & Operating Room Solutions

Floor and wall finishes are extremely important in a hospital. That includes every room that is within the facility, from the patient room waiting area to the back of the house. Sikafloors are seamless, creating a safe and sterile environment.

pharmaceutical flooring


Pharmaceutical flooring has certain requirements when selecting the right flooring system. Sikafloors are easy to clean and maintain, extremely durable and have beautiful aesthetics to complete that list. Our seamless floors are perfect for your unique environment.

veterinary and animal facility

Veterinary and animal facility solutions

Choose the perfect floor and wall solution for your unique environment from Sika's wide array of durable and attractive systems to create humane and sanitary animal care areas. 

healthcare magazine

Learn more about the healthcare industry and flooring all in one. Sika's Floorward Thinking publication is an excellent resource for Architects, Designers, Facility Managers, or anyone involved in specifying flooring for the Healthcare Environment.

By requesting your copy, you will get the latest trends, research and innovative thinking based around floor and wall finishes. Don't wait any longer, request your copy today!