Inspections on the rise for food and beverage industry

Each year, approximately 48 million Americans are sickened by contaminated food with 128,000 requiring hospitalization and 3,000 of those cases resulting in death. The resulting yearly loss to the food and beverage industry due to foodborne illnesses is estimated at $75 billion. 


In an effort to reduce these statistics, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed. The first significant update to food safety regulations in 70 years. Among the many new changes is a statute that gives the FDA authority to order a recall of food products and will require more frequent inspections at food and beverage producing facilities. 

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Sikafloor Products and Systems

We thrive in demanding environments. High performance flooring is our specialty and they don't call us the experts in polyurethane and epoxy chemistry for nothing. Our flooring systems and products have been developed for a wide range of markets, with dozens of systems in countless styles, textures and colors, the options are unlimited! 

dry production areas

Dry Production and Processing Areas

In a dry production area you need floors that will withstand heavy traffic, mechanical wear and temperature exposure. Sikafloors are reliable and long lasting; find your right flooring system:


storage and logistic areas

Storage and Logistic Areas

In the storage and logistic area you need to make sure your floors are light reflective, durable and slip-resistant. Sika's proprietary line striping products allow you to design the area. Check out the different floors for your busy environment: 
wet production and processing areas

Wet Production and Processing Areas

The best performance for your wet processing and packaging areas include slip-resistant, temperature exposure and durable floors. Select from the different types of flooring systems that fit your facility:
laboratory and research areas

Laboratory and Research Areas

Having seamless floors in research areas is critical. There are no cracks or crevices in our floors to harbor pathogens and contaminants. Choose from durable, slip-resistant, ergonomic and decorative flooring systems:
office and lobby areas

Office and Lobby Areas

Our durable floors don't stop with production areas. In office and lobby areas we can create attractive, long-lasting and unique floors. Our decorative floor systems are completely customizable, fitting your decorative style: 
extreme exposure areas

Extreme Exposure Areas

Specific flooring is required for areas that have high exposure to static electricity, running machinery and chemicals. Protect your work environment against any damage by choosing from these flooring systems: 
freezers and refridgerators


When selecting a flooring system for freezers and refrigerators the first thing that is discussed is "how slip-resistant are these floors?" Our polyurethane cement flooring system can withstand the cold and freezing temperatures of the equipment in your environment


decorative flooring in cafe


Sikafloor decorative flooring systems use a variety of cosmetic additives – metallics, vinyl flake and quartz – to create unique flooring experiences. Finish options include variable levels of gloss and surface texture to produce a range of slip-resistant finishes. 


Not sure what type of floor and wall system you need for your upcoming flooring project? Our experts are here to help. By requesting a FREE floor and wall consultation you will get an overall analysis of general flooring conditions, review of the types of uses affecting the floor and recommendations based on the observed conditions and anticipated requirements.

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