Shaping your World, Every Day

For more than 100 years, architects, construction companies and manufacturers have trusted Sika products to seal, bond, damp, reinforce and protect the things they design and build. Beyond simply providing specialty products, Sika is a true partner, bringing its deep application and technical expertise to projects, while addressing customer needs for better, smarter and more sustainable solutions.

Sika Solutions: Construction and Industry

sika automative solutions

Sika Automotive is a leading innovator and supplier of solutions for vehicle BIW and body structure, as well as interior and exterior components. Our technologies provide increased structural performance and added acoustic comfort, while improving automotive production processes.

Sika Concrete Solutions

Sika develops and markets numerous admixtures and additives for use in concrete, cement and mortar production. These products enhance specific properties of the fresh or hardened concrete, such as workability, water tightness, durability, or early and final strength.  

solar and wind energy

From wind turbines to solar power systems, Sika solutions help to power greater productivity, durability and dependability for the renewable energy industries.

facades and windows

Sika provides a wide range of glazing, bonding and sealing solutions that allow architects to achieve their creative vision, while ensuring it doesn’t come at the cost of energy efficiency, weatherproofing and other important functions.


From concrete to waterproofing to roofing, Sika products, technologies and expertise play an important role in ensuring that today’s infrastructure investments will continue  to pay dividends for years  to come.

repair and protection

Sika provides technologies for the entire lifecycle of commercial buildings, residential properties and infrastructure projects –  from repair mortars to protective coatings to grouts and structural strengthening systems.

roofing and plaza decks

Combining performance with minimized environmental impact, our roofing systems and products protect buildings from all types of climate and weather conditions.

sealing and bonding

Sika's expansive portfolio of sealants and adhesives offer a combination of battle-tested products with decades on the market and new, innovative products helping to move the industry forward.  


Sika's solutions cover the full range of technologies used for below-grade waterproofing: flexible membrane systems, liquid applied membranes, waterproofing admixtures for mortars, joint sealants, waterproofing mortars, injection grouts and coatings.

Sika Products and Solutions Keep Expanding

Sika is dedicated to developing and manufacturing specialty chemical products serving construction and industrial markets since 1910. Every year Sika keeps expanding its product line, including transportation, marine, air barrier insulations, residential products and more.

Sika Impacts Your World In Unforseen Ways

Download or enlarge the info graphic below to learn more about how Sika impacts your world in unforeseen ways.  

Meet Us at An Event

Sika 365 Events

Sika hosts unique, one-day events that bring together the design, construction and owner communities together to network and explore the trends and innovations that are defining our industry and shaping our cities. Check out this highlight video of the events hosted so far! 

Sika Give's Back

Did you know that not all superheroes wear capes? In fact, we’re all capable of becoming one. Sika donates products, materials and time to those in need. Each year Sika partners with Rebuilding Together at the IRE and other locations to #GiveBack to local communities.


Trust is the foundation upon which every Sika product and relationship is built.  So whether you’re designing the structures and vehicles of tomorrow, or restoring and extending the lifecycle of those built in the past, you can count on Sika to stand behind you and our products every step of the way.