Guidelines for a successful floor installation


We've developed a set of common-sense guidelines for project managers and engineers responsible for specifying and installing floor and wall coating systems:

Number 1

Consult with the floor manufacturer and other suppliers early in the design process and often throughout the project. Coordination between the manufacturer, flooring contractor and other suppliers can eliminate problems before they occur. 

Number 2

Select the surface texture for anti-slip purposes by considering worker safety as well as cleanup and sanitation aspects. Test potential solutions in small test area before deciding on the whole floor. 

Number 3

Provide detailed specification to your flooring supplier, including exact material performance expectations, installer qualifications and sample area selections and workplace limitations. 

Number 4

Specification and selection criteria should cover: 

  • How to position drains
  • How to handle joints, i.e., limiting their numbers and optimizing their placement
  • How to design concrete substrates and floor leveling materials to handle stresses
  • How to make slopes drain effectively
  • How to construct details at junctions, drains, coves and walls
  • How to ensure resistance of the floor finish to chemicals, temperature and thermal shocks
  • How to maximize long-term mechanical resistance, especially under high wear and impacts
  • How to minimize equipment vibration through use of elastic sealants
  • How to use elastic sealants to connect metal drains and the floor slab
  • How to build effective equipment bases
  • How to maximize the hygiene of the flooring, i.e., low odor, easy to clean and actively resistant to bacterial growth
  • How to access independent tests that verify your requirements
Number 5

Make sure that the flooring contractor has experience with similar jobs, preferably in the food industry, and has relevant installation certifications. 

Number 6

Ensure and promote clear lines of responsibility and communication between the main contractor, installer, floor manufacturer and other stakeholders.

Lone Star Dairy Finished Project
lone star dairy finished project
Lone Star Dairy Finished Project Stairs
Lone Star Dairy In Progress

Sikafloor Project: Lone Star Dairy Products - Amarillo, TX


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