Selecting the right roller for the job

The most commonly used tool to apply a Sikafloor coating is a flat, v-notched squeegee or cam rake. Once it is applied most systems require the installer to back roll the floor coating. This is where using the right tool for the right job makes all the difference to produce a quality installation. There is a wide variety of rollers available to assist in leveling and finishing floors. Continue reading to learn which type you should use for your application. 

roller for sikafloors

The typical roller cover can be made of a variety of materials to achieve a variety of results. Most protective coatings and resinous flooring systems require a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch nap. Other sizes may be used to achieve different textures or finishes. Always consult the most current Sikafloor Product Data Sheet for the roller type recommended for your application. 

Some other specialty rollers typically used are:

Looped Polymer Roller Cover

Looped Polymer Roller Cover
A looped polymer roller cover is typically used to move material and assist in leveling of aggregate filled systems, such as Sikafloor Morritex Slurry systems, Sikafloor PurCem 22NA and PurCem 24NA for example. While this is used to move material, it may increase the level of entrained air. The falling broadcast aggregate may assist in breaking the air near the surface. If a smooth finish is desired, the use of a spiked roller is recommended. 

Polythylene Spiked Roller

Polythylene Spiked Roller
These rollers are designed to be used on freshly applied resinous flooring and protective coatings for the purpose of releasing air or trapped gasses. Air may induced during the mixing and/or application of a floor coating such as Sikafloor DecoDur Granite. Typically gases are the result of the reaction during the curing process. A spiked roller will aid in releasing air or gasses but not effective in leveling the material. 

metal tined spiked rollers

Metal Tined Spiked Roller
Metal tined spiked rollers are designed to work with cementious based overlays to promote the self-leveling and reduce out gassing. 

Ribbed Rollers

Ribbed Roller
Ribbed rollers are designed to evenly distribute resin and other bonding materials when installing fiberglass and other high performance fabric and mesh laminate reinforced materials such as Sikagard Wall Systems. 

Always remember to consult the latest Product Data Sheet to determine the proper roller or tool for your Sikafloor installation. If you are in doubt or would like some application tips feel free to reach out to our technical services representatives at 1-(800) 933-7452.