Decorative | Industrial | Specialty | Judges Choice 


Out of the four categories, the winners were selected for quality of workmanship, overall aesthetics and design, ability to meet unique customer requirements such as colors, textures, surface hardness, chemical or other resistances and building owner satisfaction. 

decorative flooring winner

Orion Animal Hospital had many important requirements for their new flooring system; Aesthetics, high durability, slip resistance and seamless hygienic application. The project consisted of Sikafloor 264, DecoFlake and Sikafloor 540 with a hand troweled 4" epoxy cove throughout the facility. Overall the project was designed by owners with technical consultation from the contractor, Benning's Industrial Floor. With excellent quality of workmanship, knowledgeable use of materials and high level of owner satisfaction.

decorative project of the year winner

Project: Orion Animal Hospital - Lake Orion, MI | Contractor: Benning's Industrial Floor

industrial flooring winner

Wave Life Sciences worked with Wells Restoration Services to get the floor completed in a timely and efficient manner. The research lab consisted of 5,000 sq. ft. of Sikafloor 160, patching and priming existing floor and using a second coat of broadcast with medium aggregate. Sikafloor 700 was used as a pigmented ground coat and top coat. Facility owners required physical samples for resistance testing along with a field mock up for color testing and slip resistance. Everyone involved was impressed with the quick turnaround and very pleased with the outcome. 


Industrial flooring winner for project of the year

Project: Wave Life Sciences - Lexington, MA | Contractor: Wells Restoration Services - Rowley, MA

specialty flooring winner

At the University of Cincinnati the floor that Hardig Industrial Services accomplished creates a statement floor by using their school colors with our customizable flooring systems. The project consisted of 150,000 sq. ft. of PurCem, DecoFlake and Sikafloor 510. Using SikaLevel 125 to achieve FF50 flatness under the basketball floor. With a great finish like this, there are always some obstacles. They averaged around 190 tradesmen on the site at all times and worked around evolving design changes due to site conditions, turning it into a stunning finish.  

specialty flooring winner project of the year

Project: University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH | Contractor: Hardig Industrial Services - Cleves, OH

judges choice flooring winner

The project at Fisher Island consisted of 54,000 sq. ft. of Sikafloor 1610, DecoFlake and Sikafloor 315 installed in parking structures located around high end condominium complex. Premier Coatings had to deal with an unusually high water table and moisture issues to finish with such staggering results. The facility owners highly praised Premier for their professionalism of floor selection process, knowledge of environmental conditions and long term effects and high aesthetics of the finished project. 

judges choice winner project of the year

Project: Fisher Island - Miami Beach, FL | Contractor: Premier Coatings - Fort Lauderdale, FL