Why seamless floor and wall systems?

Seamless floor and wall systems facilitates a cleaner, safer environment, removing a potential hiding place and breeding ground for bacteria or other contaminants that could threaten your facility's regulatory compliance. This monolithic layer provides greater protection for concrete substrates by eliminating penetration points where chemicals and other damaging materials could travel to the underlying base.

The problem with Traditional Flooring Systems

Traditional flooring systems produce gaps and joints when installed, which then become the weakest part of the floor, allowing dirt and bacteria to accumulate. These joints are most apparent between different components, between floors and walls and around columns and entrances.  This can be especially dangerous in food processing and healthcare facilities which demand a sterile environment.

Why resinous floors and wall coatings are best suited to achieve seamless environments?

By definition, resinous floors and wall coatings are ideal for maintaining a clean disinfected area. The resins utilized typically have high crosslink densities providing excellent chemical and stain resistance plus cure to a smooth surface minimizing microbial growth areas.  Unlike many of the other options resinous flooring is unique in that with the appropriate cove detail, the wall to floor transition provides a completely seamless interface with a “negative” edge that will not collect dust.

Hygiene and Safety in Modern Healthcare, food and beverage Facilities is not Negotiable!

food and beverage flooring
seamless floor and wall
Sika Seamless Advantage:
  • Hygienic topcoats specially developed to be self proactive against the growth of mold, bacteria, yeast, fungi and other micro-organisms
  • Superior life-cycle cost advantages vs. tile and other traditional products
  • Installation ease
  • Custom color and decorative options  

Seamless Integration of floors, walls and ceilings

Sikagard wall systems eliminate non-sterile crevices providing seamless, rounded floor, wall and ceiling connections for environments demanding sterile surfaces.

Which Wall System is right for Your Environment?

Sikagard wall and ceiling systems give you the attractive, high performance quality you expect from Sika in a seamless, easy to clean alternative. The polymer technology offers versatile reinforcement options for a variety of substrates, all providing superior durability and dimensional stability. Check out this QUICK WALL SYSTEM GUIDE to see which Sikagard options is best suited for you!

the Ultimate Connection

Seamless, high performance, reinforced wall and ceiling coating systems, Sikagard, combine low VOC, high performance polymer technology with fiberglass reinforcement for superior durability and dimensional stability.

A Green Product

Sika floor and wall systems are LEED compliant, suitable for USDA and FDA inspected facilities and contribute to the Green Building Initiative.   

Step into Seamless Perfection

Sikafloor has developed a proven process of application stages for our liquid applied flooring materials. This unique process is the only way to achieve seamless floors throughout your facility and maintain lasting beauty and easy maintenance.

A national network of experienced, well-trained flooring experts is available to take care of your seamless floor and wall needs.

Also, feel free to consult our experts on adequate procedures for old floor removal in refurbishment projects to ensure proper sub floor preparation and floor detailing

Seamless Floor to Wall Coating Systems

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