Sikaplan Fire-Resistant Feltback Membrane

In either new construction or the replacement of an existing roofing system over a combustible deck, a UL fire rated system can be costly. Asphaltic “built-up” roofing systems require multiple layers that increase overall installation time, material and labor costs, and system weight. Single-ply membrane systems such as TPO, EPDM, and PVC typically require a supplementary barrier such as a gypsum cover board for fire resistance, an additional step that adds cost and weight – that is, until now.

Introducing Sikaplan FRF, which eliminates the need for an additional fire barrier and provides a faster and lighter-weight solution for less than traditional single-ply systems or the same cost as many built-up systems.

Sikaplan Fire-Resistant Feltback (FRF) is a cost-effective, lightweight, and fire code compliant option for projects over combustible decks. The Sikaplan membrane has an integral fire-resistant felt backing and is mechanically-attached directly over a wood deck substrate. Sikaplan FRF is also factory produced by the world’s most trusted PVC manufacturer, ensuring ultimate quality control.

Sikaplan FRF vs. Standard TPO, PVC, and EPDM Membranes

Sikaplan FRF provides lower overall installation costs than traditional TPO, PVC, and EPDM single-ply systems with:

  • Elimination of extra fire barriers such as gypsum board or slip sheets, meaning a faster installation and lower costs
  • Faster installation allowing the building to be “dried-in” quicker and interior subcontractors able to start work sooner
  • No additional fire barriers, fasteners, or plates and thereby less overall system weight
  • Sikaplan FRF’s EnergySmart “Cool Colors” which reduce “peak energy demand” cooling costs compared to black EPDM systems [1]
Sikaplan FRF vs. Asphaltic Built-Up Systems

Sikaplan FRF offers the same 20-year warranty for the same cost as 20-year warranted Built-Up Systems but with:

  • Faster installation due to less steps and components
  • Less steps and components, meaning the building is “dried-in” quicker and interior subcontractors start work sooner
  • Less overall system weight with only one roof membrane layer
  • A safer installation which removes kettles of hot asphalt and their associated fumes and hazards
  • Ultimate water barrier quality-control due to factory produced membrane versus onsite creation
  • Future energy savings with the Sikaplan FRF EnergySmart “Cool Colors” that reduce “peak energy demand” cooling costs compared to black built-up systems[1]
Sikaplan FRF System Information
  • Meets UL Class A Fire Rating
  • Installed as a Mechanically-Attached System 
  • Available in 10-Foot Wide Rolls of 60 Mil Membrane 
  • Offered in EnergySmart White or Reflective Grey Colors
  • Warranted Up To 20 Years

[1] Sikaplan FRF is Title 24/Energy Star Compliant, reducing cooling energy demand over conditioned spaces, reducing interior space temperature in unconditioned spaces, and significantly impacting building peak demand savings.