Is TPO Worth the Risk?

Sikaplan (PVC) vs. TPO

Why Sikaplan Over TPO?

Sikaplan is PVC Performance at a TPO price! With all of the performance related issues with TPO membranes as well as others noted below, why take a chance? Get BETTER performance for the same price from the world’s most trusted PVC manufacturer, Sika Sarnafil.

TPO is:

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20+ years later and TPO manufacturers still continue to modify their formulations to try and achieve the required level of performance. Especially in hot climates and high UV conditions.

Water Absorption Risk

Need to seal all cut membrane edges (including factory cut edges) to prevent water absorption.

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Water Tightness Challenges

Lack of visual “bleed out” during seam welding and the need to wait 30 minutes to probe the seam makes water tightness quality control challenges.

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Repair Problems

Aged membranes surface can be difficult to re-weld and/or patch.

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Fire Resistance Shortcomings

Fire-resistant TPO membranes continue to burn after the flame is removed during burn tests.

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Detailing Concerns

TPO membranes are stiff making workability insituations such as detailing, cold weather or thickermembranes a potential problem for waterightness.

Sikaplan is:

good performance

Over 35+ years of performance history from Sika, the creators of Sarnafil and the world leader in producing thermoplastic roof membranes.

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No Risk

No edge sealant needed to prevent water absorption.

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Distinct “bleed out” during seam welding and the ability to probe the seam immediately makes water tightness quality control easier.

cost effective
Easy Repairs

Ability to repair the aged membrane with new membrane, not an issue.

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Superior Fire Resistance

PVC membrane is inherently fire resistant and does not continue to burn once a flame is removed.

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Detailing Ease

Sikaplan PVC is flexible and makes detailing easy, even in cold weather or with thicker membranes.