Sika’s set controlling admixtures allow producers and contractors to take control of the concrete during extreme temperatures and in extreme situations. Whether you need to pump concrete for over a mile or winter’s chill is doing its best to keep you from placing concrete, Sika has a product that can help.

Need very high early strengths? Sika’s line of Rapid hardening accelerators can provide early strengths without the headaches.

Benefits of Sika Rapid Products:

  • Possible to plant add without quick slump loss and no barrel build up.
  • Early stripping of forms and/or utilization of less energy for curing.
  • Use higher percentage of supplementary cementitious materials.
  • Eliminate the use of Type III cement.
Hardening Accelerators - Rapid

Sika’s Rapid line of hardening accelerators provide very high early strengths. Looking for 3000 psi + in 6 hours or less, check out Sika Rapid!


Set Accelerators

Sika has a full range of chloride and non-chloride accelerators known as SikaSet that decrease the set time of concrete.



Sika Plastiment series extends the setting time of concrete allowing time for proper placement and finishing without cold joints.


Hydration Controlling Admixtures

SikaTard hyrdration controlling admixtures provide extension of concrete set with a very predictive dosage response.


Shotcrete Accelerators

Sigunite shotcrete accelerators are formulated to provide very high early strengths with low rebound and reduction of dust.