Enhancing Customer Value, Reducing Environmental Impacts, and Assuming Social Responsibility

As a global company, Sika is committed to sustainable development. The company honors its responsibilities by offering sustainable solutions for energy-efficient constructions and environmentally-friendly vehicles. It also implements numerous projects and measures aimed at boosting the Group’s business, social, and ecological sustainability.

Sustainability in Region Americas

Sika's More Value and Less Impact Commitments

Sustainability Strategy

Sika is committed to continuously measure, improve, report and communicate sustainable value creation. “More value, less impact” refers to Sika’s commitment to maximizing the value of our solutions and contributions to all stakeholders while reducing risks and resource consumption.

Six strategic targets focus on economic performance, sustainable solutions, local communities/society, energy, water/waste, and occupational safety. Sustainability is one of Sika's key strategic pillars that is used as a competitive advantage to benefit all stakeholders. 


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Sustainable Solutions

Sika’s objective centers on supplying customers with innovative solutions that boost the efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal of buildings, infrastructure constructions, installations, and vehicles.  Sika solutions are developed to help customers to make a positive environmental impact, or to address climate-related concerns.

Sika Business Year

Sika Sustainability Report 2021

The Sustainability Report 2021 is part of the Sika corporate reporting package, and it was prepared with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. Before 2021, Sika drafted a Sustainability Report (as part of the Annual Report) and a separated GRI Report on a yearly basis. 

Sustainable Development Goals Logo

United Nations Development Goals

Sika is making a contribution to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, focusing on seven of the 17 goals. Among others, both the construction and the automotive industry highly influence these goals.

Sustainability Highlights




Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Framework

John Elkington began to measure sustainability during the mid-1990s by encompassing a new framework to measure performance. This accounting framework called the triple bottom line (TBL), went beyond the traditional categories of profit, return on investment, and shareholder value to include environmental and social dimensions. For Sika, the economical, social and environmental dimensions of reporting support sustainability goals.


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Economic Dimension

Taking a long-term perspective, sustainability is a key component of Sika's innovation drive. For buildings and industrial applications, Sika enhances durability and improves both energy and material efficiency.

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Environmental Dimension

The efficient use of energy and natural resources are crucial to sustainable development. Sika aims to minimize the impact on climate change by reducing energy consumption,  while lowering costs and increasing competitiveness.

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Social responsibility is a necessary component of success. Mindful of its obligations, Sika actively engages in sustainable and humanitarian development projects,  either as a  member of international organizations or directly on the spot.

LEED Resources

What is an environmental product declaration (EPD)?

An environmental product declaration is a standardized document that summarizes the information on a product’s environmental performance. An EPD is based on the results of a life cycle analysis (LCA), which is a scientific approach to assess an environmental footprint in keeping with the internationally recognized ISO 14040 standard series. The declaration is drawn up according to a guideline that sets out standardized analysis and comparison rules for all types of building materials and products.

What is GreenCircle Product Certification?

Green Building Initiatives and Certification Systems, such as LEED, assess the sustainable performance of building materials and the performance of the whole building. Such initiatives are of growing importance and are consequently influencing the market demand for construction products. A third-party audit by GreenCircle Certified, LLC is completed for LEED, which verifies Sika’s products and chemical management systems. This assessment includes a review of the completeness and accuracy of the hazard classification, assessment and communication within the provisions of North American countries’ regulatory requirements.

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