Sika construction solutions can solve many challenges in sports arena construction:

Steel structure with corrosion protection coating at stadium in Poznan, Poland
  • Concrete admixture for durable concrete structures
  • Concrete renovation and protection
  • Strengthening of stadium structures
  • Roof waterproofing, new construction and refurbishment projects
  • Steel corrosion and fire protection for steel structures
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Watertight joint sealing and bonding for concrete facades and glass and metal facades
  • Flooring and sealing solutions for floors in car parks, spectator areas, terraces, training center, indoor sport halls, outer fields, logistics, food-processing, catering and related areas, public and commercial areas, etc.

Find expert solutions for integrated, fully compatible products for construction and repairs of sports facilities and stadiums, from basement to roof, interior to exterior.