With the number of concrete structures that surround us from the suburbs to urban cities, it's easy to forget that this material is vital to the world that we live in today. If concrete is not properly maintained, it can lead to deterioration caused by corrosion opening it up to a plethora of other issues which is why it is important to maintain your concrete structures. 

After years of research and decades of practical experience, Sika has developed a fully comprehensive solution to restore and renew concrete structures. Our full range of products includes repair mortars, corrosion protection and structural strengthening solutions. Sika's specially designed products will repair and patch concrete spalls, cracks,  prevent corrosion, strengthen existing concrete structures and much more! Browse our solutions to find the best product for your project below. 

Concrete Repair Products & Systems


Concrete is strong in compression, but comparatively weak in tension. The inclusion of steel reinforcement improves the tensile strength of the element and, consequently, its resistance to stress. Unfortunately, in the presence of water and oxygen, steel corrodes. Therefore, in almost all likely exposure conditions for reinforced concrete, corrosion of the steel is a potential hazard.

Sika offers a complete range of high performance repair mortars and concrete for applications ranging from cosmetic to structural repairs. Our repair mortars and concrete systems are compatible with a full range of Sika repair and protection materials so that not only the visible signs of damage are repaired, but deterioration is addressed, extending the service life and sustainability of the structure.

Concrete Repair Applications

Concrete Repair Reference Projects