Hollywood, Florida

Project Description

This new construction residential home project is exposed to the elements and requires high performance products, especially for waterproofing and corrosion protection.

Project Solution

As the structure was completed, moisture was coming through the walls and the flat roof was holding water. Therefore SikaTop Seal 107 was applied to all concrete walls on the exterior for protection against water infiltration before the stucco was applied. Sikasil WS 295 was applied as the primary weather seal as the doors and windows were installed. To correct the slope on the roof to the scupper drains, SikaQuick 1000 was the best choice. Last but not least - Sika's RoofPro material Sikalastic 624 was installed on the roof-top terrace and the balconies to provide waterproofing and protection.

Sika was able to provide materials from multiple Sika divisions to make this project a success.

Concrete Building with an Ocean View

Products Used

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