Performing at an All- Star Level

Each year, millions of sports fans venture out to stadiums and arenas across the country. They do so for the experience of the event; to create a lasting memory. And a major part of that fan experience is the venue itself.

Today’s sporting venues are becoming more complex and more aesthetically pleasing, while the roof has transformed from simply being a necessity into a design element.

Sika Sarnafil’s experience is unmatched with nearly 30 years of performance in the stadium and arena field. Our flexible design options range from cool, white thermoplastic roofs to custom colors and even impressive roof logos. We offer the versatility and capability to become your stadium’s star player.

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High Performance Inside, Proven Performance on Top

Sika Sarnafil’s roofing and waterproofing systems have provided dependable protection on facilities around the world.

Roofing systems play a vital role in the protection of a building. Nature’s elements - such as high winds, ponding water, and ultraviolet rays – can wreak havoc on a roof. These everyday occurrences can eventually lead to leaks, building damage, costly repairs, and possibly even premature roof failure.

Selecting a roofing system should be a decision based on the best long-term value. Actual performance in the field is the only true test of a roofing system’s quality, and billions of square feet of Sika membrane have performed exceptionally well in a variety of climates for 50+ years. In fact, many installations are still proving their worth after more than 30 years of service.

Sika has more experience than any other North American thermoplastic membrane manufacturer. Our versatile single-ply membrane systems boast features like unrivaled longevity, exceptional energy efficiency, recyclability, and minimal maintenance.

Wintrust Arena with a Sarnafil roof

And the Crowd Goes Wild

Roofs are becoming a critical design element for both stadiums and arenas, transforming a run-of-the-mill facility into an architectural gem.

Sika roofing membranes can work to effectively highlight distinctive features while allowing your creative side to come to the forefront. With options like colored membrane and roof logos, the sky truly is the limit for your building’s roof. A finished roof that conforms to your design, not the other way around – that true artistic freedom. Sika Sarnafil offers...

Visual Appeal

Make your stadium or arena roof stand out while enjoying the peace of mind afforded by a Sika Sarnafil membrane.

Design Freedom

You’re able to express your creativity like never before, regardless of roof slope or shape.

Nearly Limitless Color Options

We boast the most stocked colors of any single-ply manufacturer in the industry and a color-matching process for all of your custom color needs.

Warranty Coverage

Sika offers a 20-year performance warranty on all membranes (including colored).

Proven Performance

Our roofs have delivered high-quality, long-lasting durability in the real world for 50+ years.

Unparalleled Consistency

Sika roofing systems are widely recognized for exemplifying the highest standards of quality, reliability and watertight protection.

Solar roof with single-ply Sarnafil membrane installed on Wells Fargo Arena in Tempe in USA

Add Some Pop to Your Lineup

Since way back in 1979, Sika Sarnafil has been producing beautiful, colored roofing membranes, giving us the most experience with colored membrane in the industry. No longer are you held hostage by dull roof design!

Stocked Colors

We offer seven stocked colors of our Sarnafil membrane, the most of any single-ply manufacturer in the industry. The colors include Copper Brown, Evergreen, Lead Gray, Patina Green, Reflective Gray, Tan, and White.

Custom Colors

In addition, we offer an almost unlimited number of custom color options for Sarnafil. Our lab can match nearly any PMS color or color chip, allowing you to let your design imagination run wild.

Cool Colors

Three of our stocked color options (Reflective Gray, Tan, and White) meet low slope cool roof requirements, while four of our stocked colors (Patina Green, Reflective Gray, Tan, and White) meet steep slope cool roof requirements.

Thickness Guarantee Program

To ensure that architects and roofing consultants can specify with confidence, and building owners actually get what they pay for, Sika offers a Thickness Guarantee Program that goes beyond industry standards. All Sarnafil membranes meet or exceed labeled thickness… that’s a promise.

A Warranty You Can Grow Old With

Over the past 50+ years, billions of square feet of Sika-manufactured thermoplastic membrane have been installed and performed admirably on roofs around the world. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with installing a proven performer. And to top it off, we offer a 20-year performance warranty on our membranes

Staples Arena with a Sarnafil Roof and logo
Arena building with a white membrane roof
Zakim Bridge and TD Garden, Boston

Performance in Sports... and in Roofing

Sarnafil membranes deliver performance in all seasons and various types of roofs best suited for sports and athletic complexes. 

The Case for Retractable Roofs for Stadium

More and more stadiums are adapting to combat the weather so they can keep attendance numbers up. Retractable roofs are perfect for areas with inclement weather, extreme heat or extreme cold during the respective sports seasons. These innovative roofs allow for playing of traditionally outdoor sports in more favorable conditions, as well as aid the comfort of spectators.